My FNB is Freedom & Future: Justin Myers, Aspermont

We are a young family with an established history in Aspermont. I am a farmer here in Stonewall County, while my wife takes care of our two little ones. The economy of Stonewall County, as well as all the surrounding counties, has always depended heavily on ranching and farming. Unlike most occupations, farming plans change from day-to-day based on numerous factors. It is crucial that we have a bank that understands our needs and works to help secure our farm and family’s future.

First National Bank of Aspermont has provided Aspermont and the surrounding area with 110 years of service, and has grown to become one of the top banks in the region. Having a small, rural bank that comprehends the work of a farmer and truly cares for the well being of our future is both relieving and refreshing. FNB cares about this community and wants to continue to play a vital role in making the area thrive by helping its residents succeed through their multiple banking services. They are a bank that is actually there for you, no matter what the circumstances. I am proud to bank with First National Bank of Aspermont and trust them with all of my financial needs.